Thursday, 17 February 2011

Groundtactics semi final results

For once I am posting these results a lil late, I took a break last night from blogging, my head was hurting after judging this round, the level from all the riders was unbelievable. Big respect to everyone Pro and Ams who helped push flatland forward another notch, the next round is of course the consistency round made infamous last year by Moto Sasaki's entry, lets see what 2011 brings.....


1 Akihiko Takahashi.

2 James White.

3 Taiko Kaneta.

4 Dane Beardsley.

5 Jean-Francois Boulianne.

6 Bert Ribul.

7 Aleksi Ritsilä.

8 Jason Plourle (tie).

8 Pakhpum Poosa-Art (tie).


9 Keelan Phillips.

10 Leo Claro.

11 Thomas Noyer.

12 Matti Hemmings.

13 Miquel Monzon.

14 Masatoshi Karino.(didnt submit)

15 David Hoffman.(didnt submit).


1 Ronny Engelmann.

2 Navid Saleki.

3 David Dudelis.

4 Rayk Hahne.

5 Luke Malone.

6 Julian Dela Cruz.

7 Andrew Wickham.

8 Issabre Gaoussou.


9 Thore Saggau.

10 Dustyn Alt.

11 Szabo David.

12 Aborigino Sandino Guerrero Stuart.

13 Michelle Maiolani.

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Howard said...

cool to see White and Plorde up there but how the hell is Luke Malone an Amateur too good move up a class son.