Saturday, 19 February 2011

One Love Stephen Hearn Rainy Dayz edit

Stephan Hearn getting it done on a rainy Nor cal day at the Innertwine crib, tight lil edit at at tight spot!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me EFFRAIM?. Youre trying to promote peace and love and progression .

you delete my comments and yet you support GANJA!! WTF??? What if little kids see this? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO SEE??

flatmatters said...

I am a Stephan Hearn fan thats why posted it, each to their own on the smoking tip, not my thing, and maybe not yours either. I only delete your comments when they are stupid, this was a good one so it will stay!

total said...

Who cares if Stephan Hearn smokes marijuana??He rides fucking cool,and that matters,the flatland matters!

Max said...

Can't you tell that Stephen Hearns' life is in ruins? I mean just look at him! Isn't it obvious that his life has been destroyed by marijuana?!?!?!

@tdoflatland, quit being so uptight and paranoid.

Darin said...

@tdotflatland Hey dick its legal in the state of California.