Monday, 28 February 2011

Circul8 Results!

Right now I only have the top three in Pro, Masters and Am, congrats to all the Top 3 in each class, especially JF, Tyler Gilliard and Mark Kuhlman winning their classes. DUB got it in done in style in Montreal! Look forward to some videos..


1st Jean-Francois Boulianne.
2nd Percy Marshall.
3rd Francois Cote.

1st Tyler Gilliard.
2nd Jon Dowker.
3rd Prasheel Gopal.

1st Mark Kuhlman.
2nd Alexis La Grassa.
3rd Chris Mclean.


Burd said...

Isn't the nickname "Dub" usually used for Jean-William Prevost? Or have I been thinking of the wrong guy this whole time? Heh...

flatmatters said...

Yes Dub organised the whole event.

LACHLAN said...

Yes, He organized, got all the sponsors, announced for each class, didn't even compete and was sick all weekend and STILL manged to pull off the sickest contest ever!

flatmatters said...

Thats awesome, congrats on 4th place Lachlan! you making any videos covering this contest?

LACHLAN said...

Even better, My good friend Justin Filmed every single contest run & jam footy in beautiful 1080P HD... 200GB of video was shot. He will be creating a few videos from the contest but it will take time to make the edits. I personally can't wait for this video to come out, So many INSANE combos were laid down all weekend!