Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Last times with Jesse Puente!

This has been a while coming, we haven't had much Jesse P on flatmatters, so it's about that time! One of the architects of progressive modern day flatland, today Reality Tv Part 2 dropped online, go check out Jesse in that, and know this guy has been ripping and will continue ripping in Venice Beach whilst you probably have quit, this guy don't stop!

Last time you did a plasticman:
Well a few days I broke my back wheel and forks and now Im waiting for bike parts from KHE, so its been a few days, but I was doing a new trick out of plastic man and I will show at the next contest fo sho.

Last time you rode at Venice Beach: 

Few days ago, but last time I was on fire, I filmed with some dude at the beach all some new tricks, but i'm still waiting for him to put it up on youtube, that day I broke many spokes, but now I just built a wheel and plan on going soon.

Last time you rode with Pete B:

I was riding hard with that Beast at the Hollywood jam then continued in San Francisco, it was off the chain!!! I got a new trick too… you’ll see it at a contest!!!

Last time you were at KHE Hq:

Maybe 2005 cant remember.

Last time you rode in a rap video:

4 days ago I was on the new LA Khule AKA rifle man video supper cool!

Last time you competed:
I was at that BMX Masters in Germany I really brought some Heat, but I think they wanted something else…but that heat inspires me so will keep doing different styles J.

Last time you went to a rap show:

Last month was the 16th anniversary of the Project Blowed…best show ever LA underground hiphop inspires me in many ways, its originality is a must.

Last time you got drunk:

Everyday since my bike has not been fixed! I like to Ride more then anything now so its been crazy without my fix of riding hardcore……

Last time you got a puncture:

4 days ago on the Video I was working on.

Last time you screamed outloud after a combo:

4 days ago….on fire that day!!! but it was new balance points and new combos all day!

Last time you checked flatmatters:

Everyday since my bike is not working!

Last time you rode out of state: 
Man this flatland is crazy the last time was on a 6 month tour of many countries, Germany, South France, the UK and many other places.

Last time you rode Cal State:

It's been a long time, But it used to be the Spot many OG originators came up and Taught at Cal State University.

Last time you created a trick:

4 days ago, and know im sad I cant ride until KHE sends my parts ASAP!!!

Last tune you listened to:

4 days ago at La Khules Video Set …Homie is a very Sick MC!

Last phonecall you made:

I don’t know my phone has been Fucked! Since I've been without a bike haha to many parties…I NEED MY BIKE FIXED BAD!!!!

Last time a sponsor hooked you up: 
All the time right now we working on many things too, KHE, Innertwine, Conart, and Quamen.

Last time you kissed a girl: 
I would be on my bike busting now but 5 min agos J.

Last time you rode in the rain: 
When it rains in Cali I don’t ride, because I'm spoiled and I will take a rare break from riding so the last time was with Viki Gomez in Costa Rica, or Trevlon Hall in Trinidad good times J and sik riders in both places!

Last time you threw your bike: 
All the time, but I didn’t mean too.

Last time flatland pissed you off: 

FLATLAND??? I love this shit……….

Last time flatland amazed you:

Everyday there are sick riders everywhere, and it always inspires me, But the computer doesn’t really show hope dope riders are so i'm always trying to ride with them riders that are always smiling J.

Xft hitch originator busting at Ride contest, you can check that out on Reality Tv 2, we posted earlier!


flatmatters said...

Peep that Reality Tv part 2 underneath this Last times, much respect to JP, one of the architects of modern day progressive flatland!

Seongtaek 권성택 said...

Please KHE send him the parts ASAP!

jm said...

much respect Jesse. hope your bike gets fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

Jesse RULES!

Howard said...

Jesse still bustin out ,top man.

Anonymous said...

much great news on flat matters firstly!

and jesse man glad to hear about all the new things your doing and loving the big ups to trinidad! you know we keep repping! hope you locked down the Pocahontas. sorry to hear about your bike. soon it will be up and better than before i hope!

Anonymous said...

Shoulda called it the '4 days ago' interview

Matti Hemmings said...