Monday, 10 January 2011

Last times with Takuji Kasahara

Following up Chad Degroot's "Last times", Chad's riding has had a massive influence on Japanese flatland, so why not have the 2nd Last times with my good friend from Chiba, Japan, Takuji Kasahara. 

Last time you competed?One Jam in Japan,  November 2010.
Last jam you organized: Never... or...When Cory Fester and Gregory Leschner came to Japan for KOG last October, we had a little jam in the midnight. If this counts.
Last time you rode with Moto Sasaki? Yesterday. 
Last time you rode MM21 in Yokohama?2 or 3 months ago, I went there with Naoki Watanabe. There were cops everywhere so we were mostly sitting and talking with locals and rode a bit surreptitiously. 
Last time you were overseas? Last summer I was in Vietnam and Thailand for a week without my bike . With my bike, March 2010 Toronto, Canada for Flatland Unlimited contest.  
Last time you got a puncture?2 days ago. I hate it!
Last time you threw your bike? That was a night before I left for Toronto contest in 2010. I took too serious about the contest then. haha.. 
Last time you checked flatmatters? a few mins ago.

Last trick you learnt? A weird outside half-packer ride-in.
Last phonecall you made? To Moto Sasaki, we talked about tricks.. 
Last time you did you screamed out loud after pulling new trick: 2 weeks ago, when I pulled hang-ten to crack-packer back to hang-ten smoothly.
Last out of town visitor you rode with? Takuyuki Nishimoto from Komatsu,Ishikawa. He came to ride with our crew and staying with me to escape from snows for the new year holiday.
Last bikepart your brought? S&M intrikat bars. I put them on for 2 days and I didn't really feel right to me and gave it to my friend for his birthday, and he liked it very much.
Last time you rode in the rain? Probably 2 years ago, I used to ride in the rain before I found covered spots.
Last time you did a double decade: I gave up with the trick about ten years ago. I can only do a single with a brake. 
Last flatland dvd you watched? It was a VHS but, Land escapeB last night!I always love Stephen Royer's part on the video!

Last movie you watched?Inception.
Last online edit you downloaded? Akihiko Takahasi ground tactics edit.
Last time you filmed a combo? a few days ago with Naoki Watanabe. He is filming me everytime at the end of the session. 
Last bikepart you broke: I smashed my back wheel axel a couple of weeks ago.
Last trick you got consistent: Hang-ten to crack-packer.
Last time someone said “aren’t you too old to ride that bike”: haha, people may say this in near future. I just turned 30 years old so.
Last time you worked out? It's been years. I used to work out and yoga every morning, and before I sleep when I was living in Canada. so probably 5 or 6 years ago.
Last time you partied: New year day with my family and relatives.
Last person you rode with: Yasunari Ishijima and Hisashi Omoto, and Naoki Watanabe.
Last time you kissed your wife: (or girl) I'm single right now so no comment on this one.
Last edit you produced: Xmas day, I made a little edit for my friends as a season greeting.
Last time flatland made you smile: This morning, on my way to work I came up with a new combo's idea. I was on a packed train and smiling I must have been creepy.  
Last time you got mad: When Moto Sasaki puked in my car.
Last time you filmed a videopart: December 2010 for the new DVD "Mostly True".
Last time you were amazed at flatland: At the last Flatland unlimited contest, Percy Marshall's run. 3mins no touch!  That was one of the best contest runs I've ever witnessed!

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jm said...

nice interview!

flatmatters said...

Thanks jim! Enjoy doing these short last times, short and to the point!