Monday, 17 January 2011

FM Playlist with Viki Gomez

Music is a big inspiration for all of us, so I wanted to bring a lil music flava to flatmatters, to kick off this new section to the blog, who better than the current World No 1, Viki Gomez, always interesting to see what riders worldwide are listening to, welcome to the first of many.

List below begins with Track then Artist.
1)Japan Group : Simplician.
2)Fish & chips : Group : CVE.
3)Simple man Group : Lynird Skynyrd.
4)Serenade : Group : Steve Miller band.
5)The bushman : Group : Cell.


f0 said...

Yo Viki! It will be good if you will make a blog and share your feelings and thoughts with all flatland riders around the world, always update it with something new. I think you are making flatland atmosphere the most.

Viki Gitano Gomez said...

Hi F0! Thanks for your words man! I m currently working on and besides news I m working on my "Vikipedia". All my signature tricks plus the new ones I will learn. Ride on homie!

flatmatters said...

CVE is dope. Thanks for doing this Viki, great variety in your playlist, stay tuned for the next episode!

marcel_h_mendes said...

waiting for MK playlist, I really like all the songs that he puts on his edits!!