Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Steve Bergeron clip

Coming from the same spot as the Jean William clip, Steve is another new face I haven't seen before, nice combo!


jflatlandqc said...

Yo Effraim this spot is call Steve's house. Steve been riding for a long time he is still progressing after more than 15 and still in the scene. Last year he got a new house build and he decide that the garage of his old house was too small. It was time to see big so that is the basement of his new house. He must be happy to ride there because it's now -25 in Quebec. AHAHAH

Pralex Gorier said...

Super jealous of that spot, and yeah, Steve's been around for a while now.

I remember him riding in the pro class at the first contest I went to about 10 years back in Whitby/Pickering, ON. Glad to see him still riding and progressing, excited to see him at the Montreal contest next month.

flatmatters said...

Thanks for the details Jean and pralex! Let's see some more coverage of Steve!!!