Sunday, 6 March 2011

Terry Adams wins the Toronto CFO Contest!

Congrats to Terry Adams who just won the Toronto CFO contest with a flawless run, the contest ran on a 2 x 3 minute run format, best run counts, also congrats to Gregg Leuschner winning the beginner class, Frank Macchio winning the AM, and Todd Gully winning the master class. I followed this contest on twitter all weekend, sounded like a blast! Edits soon no doubt?!

1st Greg Leuschner.
2nd Addison Moore,
3rd Matt Ross.

1st Frank Macchio.
2nd Louis Orth.
3rd Joe Cicman. 

1st Todd Gully.
2nd Jon Dowker.
3rd Tyler Gilliard.
4th Bryan Huffman. 

1.Terry Adams.
2.Jean William Prevost.
3.Percy Marshall.
4.Jean Francis Boulainne.
5.Francis Cote.
6.Bo Wade.
7.Cory Fester.
8. Lachlan Cameron


bmxism said...

Good to see Frank macchio placing up there.

flatmatters said...

Cant wait for the edits on this one, sounded like the finals went off, in all classes!

Howard said...

Sounds awesome well done Terry ,man that pro class is stacked with talent top 3 riders alone are sick enough,Frank Macchio yeah man hopefully vid up soon this sounds awesome.

fibonacci said...

Frank was awesome. He toothpick bonk 180'd the vertical beam to start things off. That's variety, yo.

flatmatters said...

Edits dropping from today I'm guessing...