Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Charity 430 T-shirts in aid of Japanese Earthquake

As you are all aware, a terrible earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on friday last weekend, to devastating effect particurly in the north of japan, destroying homes, and killing thousands of people, it is a very sad time, Hiroshi contacted me about spreading the word on these 430 charity t-shirts, heres what he had to say:

"We make T shirts for The Great Kanto Earthquake.please help to spread this information all over the world.Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the northern region of Japan,
430 will sell charity T-Shirts and donate all the profit to the Japanese Red Cross Society, to help relief and recovery efforts in communities affected.It is reported that death toll could reach tens of thousands.More than 520 thousand citizens are in refugee camps in the fear of aftershocks and nuclear threat.All we can do is donate and pray."
430CEO Hiroshi Uehara 


flatmatters said...

If like me you enquired about ordering a tshirt from Hiroshi, or you are thinking about it... Heres what he had to say...

"I'm sorry to inform that the website isn't capable of accepting international orders. But please do know that your inquiries and sympathies are greatly appreciated.

A possible method is for you and your friends who wants the shir to combine few shirts into one order, so I can ship it out all at once.
In that case, you can pay for the item and shipping fee via paypal.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. Japan will not lose!"

Aidwin said...


you can donate through the link above as well

afrida tasnin said...

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