Friday, 7 January 2011

Last times with Chad Degroot!

So I was thinking, who do I kick the 2011's "last times" off with? Someone everyone might expect, or maybe someone people respect but for the most part don't see very often, then Chad Degroot's "Ring the gack" part went online that very day, and there was my answer, I didn't even question it. The man is a legend, has probably done more flatland tricks than many of us ever will.And more importantly has a great time on his bike. Nowadays he's very busy running his bike company, Deco, he's just finished for Baco 11, and is enjoying married life. 

Last time you competed? Wow, that is a good question. It could have been close to ten years ago.
Last jam you organized: Baco Jam 2009 at Mesh Skatepark. 
Last time you rode with Chris Rye? That could be over ten years ago. He is in hiding. 
Last time you rode naked? I woke up from a dream that I was riding naked. Does that count?. 
Last time you were in Southsea? Think it was around 92 tell me...when was that contest? (editors note: KOC 1993. Chad won Pro flatland.) 
Last time you pretended to be gay to get a girl:Jerry springer around 94. 
Last time you got a puncture? Puntured my abdomine in 98, but a tire puncture a month ago. 
Last time you threw your bike? I don't do that anymore. 
Last time you checked flatmatters? When you send me links I check it, otherwise I be busy with Deco...send me a link. 
Last trick you learnt? Ramp, windshield washer tailwhip nose pick, flat, just some pivots on the front wheel. 
Last time you rode with Chase: Might have been 15 years ago. 
Last phonecall you made? To Clay at Pusher BMX. 
Last time you rode flat:Two days ago. My kid and I ride in front of our house every once in awhile. He throws his bike, and does ghost rides...those are his tricks. 
Last out of town visitor you rode with? Justin Simpson at Vans skatepark. Flatland...shit, you know I ride alone...

Last bikepart your brought? Tubes. 
Last time you rode in the rain? Try not to. 
Last time you did a double decade: a few years ago, was thinking of that recently. 
Last flatland dvd you watched?not really flatland specific but made in taiwan. 
Last time you were overseas:a few months ago in Korea judging flat at the 2010 Leisure games and then off to Taiwan to see how they work. 
Last movie you watched? some porn that my wife is into. 
Last time you watched Baco uncut: two months ago checking to see the footage of Colin Winkleman... 
Last time you rode out of state? two months ago. 
Last online edit you downloaded? I watch them, don't download. send me a link and I'll watch it, maybe. 
Last time you filmed a combo? a few months ago for my baco 11 section. 
Last bikepart you broke:is it possible to break a tire...i did. 
Last trick you got consistent:no brake whiplashes... that is the best trick. 
Last time you kissed your wife:kissed my wife two hours ago, kissed a girl a few minutes after daughter.

Last time someone said “aren’t you too old to ride that bike”:Haven't heard that in a while...or I just blow it off. 
Last time you worked out? yesterday. Actually I do a lot. My body was feeling shitty, now that I do I feel tip top. Makes me ride better to. 
Last time you partied: New years, you know the deal. 
Last person you rode with: Orlando crew. 
Last edit you produced: Just Deco. edits of some profile edit or madera diddy. 
Last time flatland made you smile: When ever I ride flat I smile. How can you not?. 
Last time you filmed for Baco:Stopped a few months ago.
ast time you did a darkside:A few months ago in a show...that is my show trick. I could pull that shit when I am 60 with one leg... 

Last bikepart you designed:FuForks or Succubus frame. 
Last stripclub you went to: Treasures in las vegas. 
Last time you rode street: Two days ago. 
Last trick you invented:That is a touchy subject I stay away from. 
Last time things got a lil' too wild: Things are always wild, that is why I ride and why the lifestyle is soo sweet.

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flatmatters said...

Thanks for taking time to do this Chad! This was lot of fun to put together. Enjoy flatties...

chad said...

no problems, great to help out the site...anytime you want to holla get at me...

flatmatters said...

Stoked your into it Chad thanks alot!!

Howard said...

Nice post ,interesting read.i love Baco.