Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year from the Odyssey team!

Sections from Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois, check it out, slick team edit!


Francois said...

This is really good.
Excellent production.
Loving this.


PS - Effraim, how do I get a hold of you?

Chris said...

the footplant backflip on dirt looks fun mick!!

Howard said...

SICK throughout , Odyssey riders rule.

flatmatters said...

email me Francois,

No-one feeling the new footage from Terry or Matthias? wow you guys/girls are hard bunch, i really liked that switch backwards spinning steam pulled through to one foot backwards spinning crack to crackpacker Matthias did, that was nice. Real good feel to this edit, Odyssey doing it right.

Howard said...

Hopefully they will have a new vid out soon if this is anything to go by ,so many good riders ,no Chase Gouin here though ? still great edit ,mad skillz.

flatmatters said...

I believe Chase was ill at the time of filming, hence no footage on this, but agreed, this edit is tight, top notch stuff.

lee said...

mattias had the best section, but best vid ive seen in a long while