Friday, 10 December 2010

Studio city session

It wouldn't be right to be in Hollywood without Hollywood Steve up in here, halfpacker stubbleduck.
Shayne mid back wheel combo.
I'm now into week 2 of my Cali trip.Yesterday myself and Bobby Carter hit up the local riding spot, Studio City for an afternoon flatland session, my ankle was aching a lil bit from riding so hard on this trip, so I tried a new shoe just see if that would help and support a lil better, my old show was kinda worn, and it did seem to relieve a lil' pain. The session was awesome, really good vibe, Bill Freeman the inventor of the cliffhanger showed up, along with the One love crew Shayne and Darin, Hollywood Steve, and Sean Fontenot (who has been at a whole bunch of the sessions whilst I've been here)... It must have rained over night as there were a few puddles around, but they quickly dried up and the session was super fun, theres a jam on Saturday at Studio City so i'll shoot some video there (and post when I get home tuesday onwards. I am loving California!!

The session went on till sunset.
Skills to pay the bills, I asked Bill Freeman to do a guillotine for the blog, and he combo'ed right into forward death truck so clean, Bill is awesome!
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Howard said...

Great pics ,gotta love Bill Freeman.

flatmatters said...

Thanks Howard! Yep Bill rules, mad skills!

flatmatters said...

Gonna try get some more stuff with Bill today...stay tuned!