Saturday, 4 December 2010

Flatmatters Day 3 in California

Yesterday was technically my third day in California, lil' cooler, in the 60's during the day, but i'll take it, sure as hell beats the freezing tempertures and now snow I have left behind, a bunch of riders showed up today at Studio City, besides myself, and Bobby, Jowii Felix, Sean Fontenot, and a Studio City local Jonathan, Joii has improved so much since Jomopro, and was owning almost every time machine variation out there. Myself and Bobby were sessioning new tricks all afternoon, tommorow is going to be a small jam at studio city, with a bigger jam the following weekend. Next week hoping to hit a few different spots, see as much of LA s I can whilst im here. Heres a few photographs from fridays session...

Business never ends for Bobby.
Jowii and Bobby.

Flatmatters linking it up.
Jowii has got super good at all time machine variations.
Bobby with a backwards teleporter.


Anonymous said...

Who is Bobby on the with in that photo?

Anonymous said...

phone with?

flatmatters said...

I wonder who T!?

FLATmode said...

Now you know full well it was you T-Rizzle! HAHAHA!!