Sunday, 5 December 2010

Studio City jam

Aaron Frost in midst of sick new xft halfpacker line.
John Yull and Ed Nussbaum.

Bo Wade mid Lung spin.
Yesterday about 20 riders hit up the Studio City spot overlooking Universal City studios before the main jam next weekend, for a full day of sessioning, great to see some old and new faces on the scene, from the new breed such as Jowii Felix, through to Todd Carter, who used to compete in the AFA days. Aaron Frost was in town shooting a new flick with Ed Nussbaum. Jesse P showed up for a lil bit. I spent most of the day riding and catching up with my old Hutch team-mate John Yull and Bo Wade. The Studio City lot is big enough for pocket of people to session throughout the day. Check the photos, today we are off to the infamous Rose Garden spot and Bo's underground spot, for a change of scenery. Enjoy the photos! West Coast!


Howard said...

Great line up of riders ,looks awesome have fun E .

flatmatters said...

Fun times for sure. Really laidback scene here...