Sunday, 10 April 2011

Terry Adams wins Jomopro!

Couldn't stay awake long enough to follow the finals, Congrats to Terry Adams, winner of Round 1 of the World Circuit! Also all the top three, so Matt and Matthias! Congrats to Bryan Huffman winning the Masters with Tyler Gilliard in 2nd! Fat Tony not only MC'ed but is kicking ass with the updates! Check out the transworld link for a whole host of good stuff!

Credit: Fat Tony/
BMX Flatland - 2011 JoMoPro Pro Final Results:
1. Terry Adams
2. Matt Wilhelm
3. Matthias Dandois
4. Ucchie
5. Moto Sasaki
6. Takahiro Ikeda
7. Tstomu Kitayama
8. Dane Beardsley

Waiting for more footage, but for now a few more tweet clips!


Howard said...

well done to Terry,Matt and Matthias top riders.

ortho said...

epic showdown. Everyone is really on top of their game. I know i'll be watchin this edit many more times in the future.

ortho said...

oops sorry, i was referring to this edit from JomoPro:

concepto101 said...

Whats the name of Matt Wilhelm's background song. That cool Hip Hop beat?