Sunday, 3 April 2011

Takahiro Ikeda wins KOG Round 1!

Round 1 of the KOG just went down, amazing that these guys do not stop despite all that has happened in japan! Much respect for that! Congrats to the top three in Pro/Am, really stoked to see Hotoke back up there, 4th place, looking forward to a whole bunch of videos from this event!

                                                             Pro results.

                                                                   Am results.


flatmatters said...

These guys are staying strong, despite all the tragic events recently in japan, i find it very inspiring that they carry on when the chips are down (as they say), that is awesome!!!!
Congrats to Takahiro, Jomo is fast approaching!!!

carter said...

25 riders in pro. 46 in amateur.

Imagine that!

Howard said...

Takahiro Ikeda's run was flawless ,amazing.Great turn out in Japan spirits are high in this tragic time.

flatmatters said...

At chris' comment.
Yes imagine that! the japanese have built their scene up over many years, we don't have 25 riders in all groups here haha...