Friday, 8 April 2011

Simon O'Brien Colony edit

Amazing skills on flat/park. Simon rips!!


pete said...

I find it difficult to understand why people haven't commented on this yet.

Simon's the man, definitely one of the most talented riders on Earth and really really underrated even considering all his accomplishments.

Bruno "Zebu" said...

always is good to see Simon riding, this man have infinites tricks and variations!!!

flatmatters said...

Totally agree Pete, Simon has mad skills!
So underrated, seems like everyone forgets about him a lot. So stoked to see this edit this morning!
Imagine having a spot like that right outside your house, thats the stuff of dreams.

LACHLAN said...

awesome & inspiring!

Sean Fontenot said...

Pete: Yes and no....atleast in the digital content community he's very well rated. Hell....his 'BMX flatland best rider'? has *8 million* views and is the top search result for 'flatland' on youtube!!!!

I got nuthin but mad 'spect for that guy.

Greg said...

My favorite rider of all time, hands down.