Saturday, 2 April 2011

Matthias Dandois launches new bike company!

Breaking news came late last night, one thats been on the rumour mill for the past month, is now officially confirmed by the man himself, Matthias Dandois. Good luck in the new project!

"As you know, I left A Bad Thing and I didn’t have any frame sponsor since then.
I have the awesome opportunity to launch my own project, Of course I don’t do it alone. with the help of Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino and Ares Byke Company, we launch “SuperB***”, A new bike company.
The team rider will be Ucchie, Tsutomo Kitayama, Kotaro Arai and Me. I’ll choose some rider in France to build a flow team so it might be pretty cool!
The prototype of the frames are en route and you know me, It’s gonna be street oriented!
Of course I’m still on Odyssey for the rest of my bike!
For now on this is all I can say, More news soon!"

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Howard said...

Great news for Matthias,riders are taking the helm with input etc great to hear .