Saturday, 9 April 2011

Jomopro updates Part 1!

The wonders of technology! Right now I've been following the Jomopro contest live on twitter as I chill out in my garden enjoying the April sunshine, many of you might not be on twitter, so I saved a few videos to post.Big ups to Scott Nagy (videos), Am Flat Circuit, Joe Cicman (mp4 vids) , Bo Wade, and everyone else killing it on the tweet vids and updates! More updates to come! 

Prasheel-Flatmatters shoutout + clips-


flatmatters said...

Dope tweet updates guys!! Come them coming, and i'll transfer onto here for all to see!

flatmatters said...

Great to see Art at Jomo! Masterclass has just finished. Pro practise right now! keep checking back for more updates!