Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bikecheck with Kip Williamson!

This weeks first bikecheck is with Kip Williamson, Kip has been on the scene for as long as I can remember, he has a big bag of unique tricks and can lay claim to making one of the best bike bike videos ever (UGP face value), ever since i've known him his bike has been uber dialled, time for the bike check...

Frame: DECO "Succubus" 19"tt - 75 deg HT - 4lbs 12oz. 13.25" cs- Removeable gyro tabs, cable routes, and brake mounts. Integrated chain tensioners. MID bb. Campy spec integrated headtube. Dowtube gusset for added foot clearance/space.

Fork: Odyssey Flatware min offset.

Headset: DECO integrated campy spec.

Handlebars: S&M inTRIKat bars 8.5" rise.

Barends: Shadow nylon.

Stem: Quamen Macross.

Grips: Shadow "Ol Dirty".

Brakes: Dia Tech "Hombre".

Pads: Fly "Zapatas".

Lever: Dia Tech 99.

Cable: DECO "Slickish".

Tyres: Odyssey Path P Lyte.

Tubes: DECO.

Pegs: Infinity Ka Pegs.

Seatpost: DECO Pivotal.

Seatclamp: Sputnic.

Seat: Duo/Rogue Status Pivotal.

Chain adjustor: built in.

Chain: Sputnic "Whip".

Cranks: Subrosa "Bitchin" 2.5pc 165mm.

BB: Subrosa "Bitchin" MID kit.

Chainring: Shadow "Scream" 25t.

Pedals: Shadow "Ravager" plastic.

Rims: Shadow "Stun" 36h.

Front hub: Shadow "Raptor".

Freecoaster: Nankai inside / Profile aluminum shell.

Spokes: Shadow 3b ion plated purple fade.

Any modifications: Dia Tech Flexies are a must if you purchase these Odyssey Flatware forks and plan to run front brakes. Grease your brake posts and use ProLink Chain Lube on your brake cable. Get yourself a DECO Slickish brake cable too! 

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: I decided to go a different route this time around when it came to building my new bike. I usually keep some things the same on every bike, but this time I went with a totally different set up. This bike rides great!

Sponsors: DECO, inTRIKat, MASTER BLASTER PLANET an eBay store.
Advice to beginners on bike set ups? Working on your bike is a lot like riding, in that it's a constant learning process. Use common sense and learn from your mistakes.... and don't forget the grease!


flatmatters said...

Tight set up! Chads bars seem to be going down a treat! Be interesting to see what else deco bring to the table!

Anonymous said...

Nice bikecheck!
I'm felling the whole deco thing.

Howard said...

DECO are going places.

Anonymous said...

them intrIKat bars are keepers too.
Just taller ronin big E end a day...
Once the 9" inchers become a reality, then im all over them!!

flatmatters said...

Was wondering why you don't have those intrikat bars trev, you just answered my question!

max said...

this is not a succubus! succubus is a QUAMEN mountain bike frame. go to: http://quamenmtb.com/FramePage-succ.html for the real succubus!!!!

Howard said...

i think Chad know's what his frame is called .