Monday, 25 October 2010

Chad Johnston opens bike shop with Aaron Bostrom

Congrats to Chad and Aaron, just started their own bike shop in Long Beach! Visit the blog and bookmark that down for updates,

Heres the address if you live in the area, looking forward to checking this out in December! Good luck guys!

Neighborhood BMX
2319 East 7th St.
Long Beach, California


Unknown Sports said...

AWesome Chad! I just opened my own shop, Unknown Sports earlier this year. If you need anything while you are getting started, hit me up. I'm still learning too. great news for a great guy! Best of luck to you guys.

flatmatters said...

Is that Joe!? Great to see riders getting involved in the industry, good luck Chad!!!

Unknown Sports said...

Yeah E, it's me, Joe Miller. So Stoked to see Chad growing in all directions. Too Cool!