Monday, 18 October 2010

Stephan Hearn bikecheck

Since his part in "Create" dropped, Stephan Hearn has been one of my favourite riders, if you missed that video part I suggest you hunt it down, and witness the backwards rolling and xft pivots skills for yourself. Stephan is amazing, hope to ride with him in december when i am out in california. Enjoy his ride!

Frame: fly suelo v.3 18.6"
Fork: khe tanaka 
Headset: FSA 
Handlebars: colony devaju bars
Barends: some ones I found
Stem: camacura 
Grips: volume
Griplocks: nah
Brakes: negative
Tyres: chase 1.75 front
Tubes:  Tip Plus 
Pegs: sequence

Seatpost: thomson
Seatclamp: fuel sub one
Seat: primo hemmeroid 
Chain adjustor: nope
Chain: kmc
Cranks: fly
Chainring: fly 18t
Pedals: odyssey twisted
Rims: odyssey 7ka
Front hub: odyssey vandero v2
Freecoaster: nankai in profile shell
Spokes: some from the tip plus wharehouse, Primo I think in the rear, and ti spokes up front
Any modifications:  Missing the washer to hold my dust cap on my freecoaster, saves weight!
Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: atleast 130 psi
Sponsors: Sequence Products, Eric @ Tip Plus helps out a lot too!
Advice to beginners on bike set ups? Don't worry about weight and angles and all that, the most important thing for a beginner is to just get the feel of the basic positions and you dont need a crazy set up for that.  Also, don't get too frustrated flatland takes alot of time and patience just stick with it and it'll come around.

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