Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mazars Fri 13th Jam

Mazars Fri13th Jam from Bikeflip Productions on Vimeo.


Howard said...

Nice edit guys , cool soundtrack.Mazar still can't get over that no handed craziness on the front wheel ,awesome riding.

LACHLAN said...

Hey Howard,
Seeing what mazar does in that trick makes it look hard but have you ever tried a no handed halfpacker before?
I have, and it really hurts your inner shins! Apparently you have to build up a scab on your leg so it doesn't hurt too much. & I fell in love for that song right when I heard it. Such a fresh track!

Howard said...

no Lachlan i've never done a no handed Halfpacker before or even tried one ,those tricks don't appeal to me plus i'm lazy so learning it would be out of the question ,i stick to trackstands and Ruff hops .