Monday, 6 December 2010

Sundays in Southern California

Yesterday california felt like England just for a lil bit... After a funny night out in Hollywood with John Yull and Hollywood Steve, we headed to the Rose Garden in South Central. Just off the USC campus, the riding spot is very scenic with the Rose Garden in the background. The weather looked sketchy, but this is California, we had a plan b so it wasn't a big problem. At one point during the session this hawk flew down and swooped for two squirrels, it was pretty crazy to see. On this day there were about 6-7 riders at the spot for a chilled sunday session. We rode at the Rose Garden till it rained, then headed out to Bo Wades underground car park spot in Redondo Beach where the session really got started. Today was a good day.. enjoy the photos..

John Yull.
Richard Aguayo g-turning.
Didnt catch Jamie's last name, mid time machine.
We waited a lil bit for the cars to leave Bo Wade's underground car park spot before the session started...

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Howard said...

Underground spot in Redondo Beach looks rad.