Saturday, 11 December 2010

Studio City pre-jam session

Travis Collier and Gabe Kadmiri are in town for the jam session this weekend,its funny cause everyday has felt like a jam, with a ton of different riders in and out of LA during my trip. Today there were 12 riders at the Studio City lot, pockets of sessions going all afternoon, it was super windy today, I shot a few videos which i'll post when im back in the UK. Hopefully that wind calms down for tommorow's jam, California is most definitely going off at the mo. Enjoy the photos from today!

I'm pretty psyched on this shot of Travis sliding across the Studio city parking lot.
Gabe Kadmiri chillin'.
Darin Wright, two footed dump truck.
Sean Fontenot, plasticman.

Gabe, in a blender.
After the session we headed to In and Out Burger just down the road. 

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flatmatters said...

Studio city jam/afterparty today can't wait...