Sunday, 4 July 2010

Viki Gomez wins in Barcelona and takes lead in World Circuit!

News just in from ucchie's blog blows the world circuit wide open! Who would have predicted that before the event!! Congrats Viki! With his third at fise, and first in barca, Viki leads, KOG in tokyo, will be epic!!!

1st Viki Gomez
2nd Takahiro Ikeda
3rd Yohei Ucchino
4th Dominik Nekolny
5th Matthias Dandois
6th Moto Sasaki
7th Tsumotu Kitayama
8th Kotaro Tanaka
9th Guelo Monzon
10th Jesse Puente


flatmatters said...

Viki must be psyched, third at fise, and first in barca means he takes the lead going into the kog in october, which promises to be an epic contest! As they say in darts, game on!

Navid said...

man defending he own ground!!! congrats Viki!

Raso said...

Viki was in his element, you can see he's riding hard this year. And check out Guelo in 9th, way to go.

Anonymous said...

whens the video coming out