Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ruban Castillo edit

Ruban is a freestyle legend! Always think about to his clip on Dorkin', mad style, and flow back then! He's still going, and enjoying! Respect!

Text and edit by Rad dad.

Ruben Castillo is Celebrating his 38th Birthday on May 6, 2010. The same day that "King of Freestyle" was released as well. This video was inspired by a phrase that Ruben used in the "120 PSI and Rolling" Interview. He said "This ain't segregation this is freestyle folks". That was a very bold,  true statement and it was being quoted on the internet. He is one of the very few people that I know that he can ride every aspect of BMX. In 1990 Ruben won  AFA Rider Of The Year in Texas.
Ruben  has had many DVD segments and achievements over the years. He is well  respected and known in the flatland community. It is trully a honor to be apart of his story as BMX Freestyler presents to you.


fibonacci said...


So nice to see dirt, mini, and flat...That bad ass freewheel clicking loud.

I met Ruben at a WIlkerson Airlines show in NE Ohio back in the day. Dude's funny.

Howard said...

Personal favourite of mine since his Dyno days ,today he still inspires and busts out ,props to Ruben, on his birthday have a good one.

SNOOP said...

Niiice, that last link was fire..Keep on riding Ruben. Happ birthday bro.

Lea said...

I wanna ride that bowl lol

cory said...