Sunday, 11 April 2010

Jomopro update!!

Yesterday night was pro qualifiers, the top 12 made it through, the level was pretty high! Im pretty stoked to make the cut! Not easy! Highlights from prelims, Matthias' last trick, half cab whooper to peg wheelie double bar spin mega spin out! Both he and Terry had no touch runs. Trevor Meyer is the talk of many, off the contest scene for what ten years, and back straight with 3rd place qualifying spot. Good job Trevor! 
Later on today is finals, last event of the day, the spot will be rammed with people! Jomopro is great, BMX BMX and more fucking BMX!  rad dad is filming 24/7 and already has few clips of Chad J and Jean William up, check..

1. Matthias Dandois
2. Terry Adams
3. Trevor Meyer
4. Shintaro Misawa
5. Viki Gomez
6. Yohei “Uchie” Uchino
7. Matt Wilhelm
8. Alex Jumelin
9. Dane Beardsley
10. Chad Johnston
11. Effraim Catlow
12. Jean William "Dub" Prevost


pleasereply said...

GREAT JOB Effraim qualifying for finals!

pleasereply said...

I wish I could be there! Maybe Alyra will be old enough to go next year!

lee said...

lookin forwards to some shintaro footage

Howard said...

Nice one E ,good news on Trevor Meyer in there.

ortho said...

Lol controversial! Good show E!

Fun watchin on the Byke Project livefeed. Thx Hector!