Friday, 23 April 2010

Rayk Hahne freerun edit

Hello BMXers and sports enthusiasts,
now everyone has received the message that in Cologneshould be no Flatland.According the to Prague was the cancellation, this is the nextBad news this week.
In the official justification refers to the Masters teambecause of our high standards of the area.We need to find an alternative
Let the contest unsubscribe at LVR (Hyatt-Spot).If we take the initiative and allow theContest at the LVR hold, then we may have theoption to bring Flatland to the Masters.
Ronny Engelmann and Rayk Hahne are committed to work with yourto help preserve Flatland.
Help us and mail your opinion to . If so, please factual.
Send the mail to your friends, relatives, and ensures yourCommitment to ensuring that Flatland is a part of culture.
Everyone can help in its own way.
With the consent of the LVR and a city permit, which wouldMasters team will be to convince.
Help yourselves!


Rayk Hahne (Just Freerun) & Ronny Engelmann

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