Sunday, 11 April 2010

Jomopro finals goes off!!!

What a great contest!!! Just got back to the hotel, many will talk about the Trevor Meyer vs Ucchie battle forever I think.
There were some epic battles, for me personally was great experience to battle Ucchie, surprised myself a lot! Jean Williams battle with Viki was close to call, no doubt Rad Dad will have videos up in no time. The atmospshere was electric at times. Catfish did a great job on the Mic! Jomopro is definitely a contest not to miss, Pat Schoolen and Katie did a great job!!! More updates soon...
Here are the results:

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Trevor Meyer
3-Shintaro Misawa
4-Matt Wilhelm
5-Terry Adams
7-Viki Gomez
8-Alex Jumelin
9-Dane Beardsley
10-Chad Johnston
11-Effraim Catlow
12-Jean William Prevost


t0p.rider said...

Really really upset about the Judges. Ucchie should have won the battle against Trevor . F*** them !

flatmatters said...

There needs to be some kind of review of this for sure, rather than F*** them! I don't think that helps, i think everyone was shocked, I know that i've never seen Matthias so angry, and his riding after that decision was the most focussed i've ever seen.
I do feel bad for Ucchie, i'll never forget his face when the decision was made thats for sure.

t0p.rider said...

Damn. Matthias's last trick was a bomb. Halfcab whip to turbine pegwheelie? Never ever thought of that.:-?
After the battle with Ucchie and Trevor i thought they'd insanely place Trevor 1st instead of judges

Howard said...
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Chris Massey said...
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Quixnet100 said...

Go Trevor! He probably should've got 3rd but great to see him come back after so long, He seemed rather conservative on his runs too.