Sunday, 15 November 2009

Shane Badman's euro edit

After living in Sweden I went to Hungary for a month, then to the UK for a few weeks. Hanging out with mates & riding - the flatland lifestyle..Riders featured: Denes Katona, Jason Forde, Effraim Catlow, Chris Hall, Paul Chamberlain & Shane Badman plus street appearances in Hungary by Tamas (Fari) Farkas & Attila Godi.

August in Europe, 2009 from Shane Badman on Vimeo.


Howard said...

very nice edit great to see Chris in there bustin out , Denes whiplash variations are off the hook great stuff.

flatmatters said...

Thanks for editing this Shane! Pretty stoked on the footage! Good vibe to the whole edit! More travel edits with variety of spots is much needed!