Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Champloo Game Open class final videos

Taku sent these videos in, not even heard of this, happened a couple of weeks ago, so many videos I will post up in two halves. Uploaded by minehito shinzato, theres some good battles here, Moto ended up taking the win, enjoy!!!
Moto vs Tanagawa

ChamplooGame MOTO VS TANWGAWA from minehito shinzato on Vimeo.

Yuki vs Tanagawa

ChamplooGame YU-KI VS TANIGAWA from minehito shinzato on Vimeo.

Moto vs Russia

ChamplooGame MOTO VS ROSHIA from minehito shinzato on Vimeo.

Takuya vs Tanigawa

ChamplooGame TAKUYA VS TANIGAWA from minehito shinzato on Vimeo.


flatmatters said...

I love how these events go on, and the rest of the flatland world knows nothing about it until a video edit comes out. Something refreshing about that. The moto vs tanigawa battle is a good one, so many close battles.

Howard said...

Yeah man i'm lovin Moto right now.

flatmatters said...

I love that backwards spinning karl with foot over bars pivot to xft steam, I cant believe he's expert next year at the KOGs, that still blows my mind.