Sunday, 29 November 2009

More groundtactics videos

Entries are closing for groundtactics tommorow, unless already agreed extension time with Martti..Heres anpther two that popped up late last night, great stuff!!!

Navid Saleki....

Ezequiel Cámara, from Argentina, Buenos aires..


flatmatters said...

What im especially liking about groundtactics is all these new faces coming out sharing their riding with the flatland world, for this this is a great positive to the scene.

marttikuoppa said...

True. And in most of the videos you can see riders own flavor in there. Even if it just one or two switches here and there-it is something new.
And that is excactly the whole point of doing this ground tactics.

Just imagine what it will be in 5 - 10 years time now that it is already working out pretty well!!!

flatmatters said...

Big "tings" martti!!!
Great work you have done for the scene martti!
As you say, imagine the future!!!