Sunday, 20 September 2009

New Ciaran Perry edit, Level Vibes promo, Hotoke wins the A style jam!!

Ton of good stuff today! New Ciaran Perry edit, this guy is awesome!! Great hang nothing lines!! Nice to see some different riding styles in the mix!! James White sent in a promo for Level Vibes, sick back wheel combo, check it out!! And Hotoke just won the A style jam in japan, flatland is great!!

Feel The Vibes from James White on Vimeo.

Jams in japan every weekend, hope there is video footage of this sometime soon! Congrats to Hotoke for winning the Jam. And also my main man Hanawa for second place!!
Open class:
1st Hotoke
2nd Hanawa
3rd Enoyang
4th Tanmen
5th Ikkou


Howard said...

Great James White editroll on Level Vibes and Ciaran Perry so original awesome.

flatmatters said...

Ciaran is awesome for sure, those one footed bar flip cowboy squeaks he did a while back, jeez!! One of best tricks I've ever seen, it broke new ground in flat I believe, nice to see a rider carve his own way. Love to see a full edit from him sometime, he'd fit the Intrikat vids well!

EZChris said...

If anyone cares to know who the music is by... its by me.

ha, shameless plug, i know - but i couldnt resist.

flatmatters said...

Haha golden chris!!!

Shane Badman said...

Great stuff all round - digging Ciaran's stuff for sure..

Howard said...

Great job on the music Chris never realized it was your creation cool vibes.