Sunday, 6 September 2009

Moto Sasaki wins the Paseo Cup in Fukushima + OG Project B edit!!

Taku just gave word that Moto won another contest in japan! This time the Paseo Cup which is now won of the biggest local contests in japan! $3000 prize money, so pretty cool for Moto, congrats!! The bmxboze guys were there, so look for an edit soon!

1st place Moto Sasaki
2nd place Yoshihiro Shinde
3rd place Shintaro Misawa


One of the best quality web edits in a while, OG always put out bangers. Denes Katona continues where his ridiung left off last year, killer x hand one handed multiple whiplashes, new stuff from Matthias Dandois, Shane Badman, Michael Sommer and Camilo Gutierrez, go watch this!!


flatmatters said...

$3000 for a local contest is insane!! Congrats to moto fir taking the win.
And that og edit is bonkers, Denes owns it, and Badman tells me that's not all the best stuff!!!

Shane Badman said...

Re Denes - spot on E... seriously his level is ultra-high, maybe the only current rider with the potential to match Chase's infamous whiplash combo stuff from the past??