Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Enjoy the trick jam Portland USA

Never seen much from this scene before, but looks real healthy, new faces, plenty of riders, awesome!!


James said...

Thanks for posting the vid. It was a great jam. If anyone is interested in what's happening with the Portland Flatland scene check out We are going to try to update it regularly with news, videos, photos and upcoming events.

flatmatters said...

Hey James,

no worries on posting the vid! Was stoked to see a thriving scene I knew nothing about, was fresh... Great work on the site and getting that flatland scene thriving!!! Much respect due!!!

Howard said...

These guys rule some awesome styles in there nice to see .

tod.borndead said...

Thriving scene I would say, and some shredders too.

You know, I have been considering moving to Portland because of the healthy music scene, not to mention all of the BMX and skating going that I now there is a good flat really seals the deal for me. Hopefully soon.