Monday, 2 August 2010

Naoki Watanabe edit + short interview

Intro/Interview and edit: Takuji Kasahara.

Luckily there are a lot of good riders around me. Some of them are called pros, some are not.
Actually there is not big difference between them. It is just a luck of sponsors or someone isn't interested in contest very much. Here is my friend Naoki Watanabe who stays in the underground and still ride hardcore.
I'm happy to introduce Naoki to you. This guy is about style!
Hope you enjoy this small edit of him we filmed last weekend!

Naoki Watanabe from TAKU on Vimeo.

Name: Naoki Watanabe
Age: 25 years
Years of riding: 11 years
Home riding spot: Koshigaya and Makuhari
Sponsor: none

What was your first flatland bike?
My first flatland bike was YOKEFELLOW "FLOWER CROW" then WETHEPEOPLE "DIV 18.5" , SUELO "SIMPLE2 18.8" now I'm riding  St. Martin "Diamond 18.7".

List your top 5 favorite riders 
Aaron Behnke
Alexis Desolneux
Azuma UFO
Brian Tunney
Dan Rigby
Dane Beardsley
Kerry Gatt
Nathan Penonzek
Sorry, I can't narrow my favorite riders down to 5.

What is your favourite flatland video?
Video name
Can you describe your riding style?
Back wheel. I'm trying to ride slow and fluid. 

What is your motivation for riding?
Watching videos and changing parts.
It's been really hot in 
Japan now and soon to get tired. So I'm thinking about new tricks when I'm off riding to pump me up.

Last words?
Thank you for featuring me on flatmatters.


flatmatters said...

Naoki's riding is so sick, thank you for taking time to do this Taku, and letting the world see this guy shred! So smooth and fluid as he said in the interview, nice to see this approach to the back wheel.

jm said...

he's super rad; so glad to see a bit more of his riding. thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

finer flatland, well tasty.

Howard said...

Smooth links nicely done ,rate this guy very mellow style killer back wheel tricks.

Caustic Urban Coast said...

Mmmmm smooth clean and great flow

lee said...

im sure this guy could ride in his sleep, so much control

flatmatters said...

Bill Neumann springs to mind...

Burd said...

You can see the Dane Beardsley influence which is awesome. Love that slow, controlled, perfectly smooth style.

flatmatters said...

True to the Dane B influence also.