Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Martti Kuoppa Groundtactics Interview!


Navid said...

ground tactics!!!!
next edition i'll do better! damnit!

marttikuoppa said...

I really hope that this first year motivates riders to support next season of Ground Tactics.

I promised to do my best to make the finals in Helsinki, and it happened.

Now I am going to promise that I make my best to make Ground Tactics happen again and I promise to do my best to raise some prize money and I promise to have 2 comps, one for pros and one for amateurs.

That´s all I can promise for now. I will stand behind Ground Tactics. Should I promise to enter as well.....? hahahhaha.

flatmatters said...

You could be the mystery contestant, oh wait I gave away next years contest hehe.
More seriously Am and pro is much needed, I believe people are kicking themselves they didn't get involved this year, so next year will be stacked with entries!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, really awesome!!!!, i cant wait for the next Ground Tactics!
MK is the Bosss!, now i ride my bike!

flatmatters said...

Groundtactics coverage all this week!

phil dolan said...

damn marrttti you look like the guys from Top gun