Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hiroya Morizaki wins KOG round 1

Thanks to Taku for sending in results, bit late posting this up, as been at work all day, looking forward to seeing new Hotoke footage!! Congrats to Hiro for winning the KOG, and Moto second place!!! Web edits soon??


Howard said...

Top 5 are sick ,Uuchie in 5th and the other Uuchie in 3rd ,love to see their runs, and how many riders in there wow flat in Japan is huge :-)

flatmatters said...

From what I hear Howard, theres more riders than dont compete at the KOG's, and support the local grassroots events and just stay underground. Def a great scene there! Look forward to the footage from this one!

Howard said...

Definetly look forward to the footage ,man the underground scene must be thriving as well ,excellent.

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