Saturday, 27 June 2009

Cali style

I've been a bit slow sticking these vids up, yes they were on Flat friday, Chad sent these to me on tuesday, first video is the Hollywood jam on Fuel Tv, flatland more and more seems to be getting tv coverage similar to this, which can only help to progress things for the riders.
The second video is Chad at one of his local spots in Long Beach, the "globe" spot, I rode a bunch here with Chad a few years back, anyway enjoy these vids if you haven't already seen them.


flatmatters said...

I wonder if Chad could pop that straight off the front wheel, that would be insane. Thanks for the links to the videos Chad!!

Howard said...

Lovely coverage of Hollywood Jam Fuel t.v do a grat job,Chads combo dude that sick that whopper was class top rider.

inTRIKat said...

Thanks for posting and thanks for the comments.
I've tried the whopper straight from the nose wheelie and nearly pulled my shoulder out of the socket! ha ha. I'm not giving up though.