Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Adam Kun @ 2008 Masters

With the worlds fast approaching, flatmatters continues the warm up to the worlds. Adam kun is defintely one of the favourites, 2nd at ninja spin with no touches.. Here's his 2nd place run (somewhat edited) from last years masters event.

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lee said...

iv always liked kuns style, even in trickstars 3 i remember thinking , this kids good

flatmatters said...

Yep definitely lee I hear you on that... Anyone care to predict world champ top three?

Luke said...

I would like to see Martti show up and mix that up a bit.

flatmatters said...

Martti is showing up, so we'll see. Haven't seen justine name down on registration...

Howard said...

Top 3

4th place Wilhelm or Adams or Morisake or Kuoppa thats a hard 4th place prediction ha ha.

Adam Kun is a exceptional rider his riding speaks volumes i predict on form he could take 2nd but Matthais on form in my eyes is top of the pile.On another note nice to see Rolaids and Whoppers in runs good to see some old skool tricks that can cut it in a pro run,respect good luck to all the riders at the worlds.

flatmatters said...

There's not a lot of riders registered last time I looked, I think the world title is there for the taking, most people seem to agree privately that the favourites are Matthias, Adam, and Justin.. But who outside if that can spring a surprise???

lee said...

sam foakus

flatmatters said...

Sams not competing this year, although hardly be a surprise if he won. He won last year.
More seriously, how many people can really pull a serious threat to win the title.