Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Breed: A short story.

I would like to begin this edition of New Breed with a short story About what Flatland is to me. In 1998 Myself and Andy Cooper were commited to attending every ESPN contest that year. Needless to say there where many hours spent practicing the same links over and over, as a result my contest placings were consistent, however my progression had slowed a great deal. It was during this time that I was sessioning in large part totally alone, in front my then home. One day I was running through my links for an upcoming contest and all of the sudden I thought, hey, It would be cool if I did a no-footed wheelie straight to death truck. So I gave it an attempt and stomped it first try. As I sat there in the hot Indy summer sun, I realized I couldn't quit smiling. There was nobody around to see my accomplishment. I was all alone, and happy and content as I've ever been. It was at this time that I realized my true love of Flatland. Flatland is me, and I am Flatland, Joe.

Joe Miller Highlights from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.


flatmatters said...

I feel ya Joe!
It's great when a plan comes together, also rewarding when you have to fight for the new trick. I'm still waiting for the xfted death truck, :)

Navid said...

I understand, im riding towards those moments!
Thats the times you are truly happy in life

Howard said...

Nice very nice ,undertaker variation thingy love this .

Jonathan said...

Never notice that undertaker foot switch thing!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome Joe

That Joe Miller said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys, and Effraim I've made it my personal mission to pull that very trick for you @ Jomo. I've been killing myself with it for about a week this time around I'm not giving up!