Saturday 7 March 2009

James White KHE Paris 1 bikecheck

My bike. My escape, My release, My everything......well almost! Sadly it's comes way down on the list of priorities these days. But it's still my favourite possession in life by far!
This is my favourite bike I've ever had. I've been running more or less the same set up for a few years now and not looking to change anything. In fact I'm starting to look around for replacements of parts that are now obsolete.

Frame: Paris 1. Currently sporting a Rustic look for the spring time! What can I say!! Bought it when it first came out..hacked great chunks out of it (coz i'm lightweight freak) and it's still going strong!! I ain't about to blow KHE off or anything but credit where credit is due. They've been with us from the start and their still pushing it.

Forks: Inertia. Shame this company stopped, it was kinda what I wanted London bikes to be all about. Clean, simple and light. I've cut the dropouts out a bit so the wheel sits further up and made holes in the steerer tube and trimmed off other bits and pieces...okay I know I'm obsessed with my lightweight problem, but I'm going to rehab with Sam Foakes who's bike is obese.....Bike like owner I hear someone say...stop it!!!

Rims: Sun CR18. These are light double walled and thin, they make my tyres look like 1.5's and I think thinner tyres is the way forward. Tempted to try comet 1.35's. Anyway had these rims for a couple of years with no probs 10/10.

Spokes: Double butted 13g-14g. Again had these for a couple of years and not snapped one. Had titanium ones before and would snap some every sesh. Alloy nipples in all colours. That's how I roll baby!!!

Front Hub : Proper the first one with a magnesium shell and ti axle. One of the lightest hubs. Surprise surprise!!

Rear Hub: Ares the first one. It took a bit tweaking but it's been running fine for about a year now with no probs. I ground down the sprocket to accept the thinner chains and a few bits inside, changed a nut or two for alloy ones all to satisfy my need for a lightweight bike. Yes I do keep an eye out for those men in white coats!

Tyres: KHE Mac1's.. great tyre just too god damn expensive for a man with three kids a wife and huge mortgage!!

Inner tubes: KHE Front. Decathlon prestor vaule rear. No particular reason!

Brakes: Get real....Why would you want to stop or slow the flow???

Seat/post: Onzo bmx mini race seat. This is light as light can be, makes all the difference!!!! the seat post is samller diaimiter than regulaur 22.2 I think so I had to make a shim. Comes with the post glued in the seat. I put a seat clamp over it to strengthon. Probably wouldn't recomend it to anyone but i'm happy with it and it's holding up. But then i am the smoothest son of a bitch in the world...yeah baby, I'm the god father of this shit!!!

Seat clamp: Proper...why? It looked light thats why, got a problem with that!

Stem: Biz house with ti bolts and holes. What?

Bars: Suelo - Nice up sweep, No back sweep, look like two piece bars, just how I like them. I think this is my third pair..oh and there light!

Grips: KHE lock-on. Lock-on my arse I had to glue these puppies on, I like the feel though!!

Headset: half Federal half Kink. Can't remember why.

Crank: Old profile bmx mini crank. Bought for a fiver off ebay. Love it! 10 speed ti bottom bracket/axle 168grams of lightweight bliss!

Chain: KMC 10 speed racing chain. hollow pins, inside and outside slotted plates. the lightest chain i could afford!!!

Pegs: Ares, the news ones. Plastic, light and thin in diameter. So far so good. I like to stand on them and try and do tricks.

Pedals: MKS Comfort lite. There meant for hybrids and stuff. There compact and light (of course). I like e'm simple as that!

Big BMX Bicep: optional but recommended. Big muscle + light-bike = Control baby and thats how I roll.

There you have it, the lightest Flatland bike in the world. Check the Guinness book of records if you don't believe me!


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  2. Awesome review!

    Do you know the exact weight of his bike E?

  3. That was a dope bike check.

    My fav in a long time!

    Yo Shane, from what i hear i think its around 17lbs, maybe less.

  4. Haha, Nice Bikecheck Whitey.

  5. Thanks to make the truth on such a myth.

    The drilling in the BB shell are incredible.

  6. quality bike. might be even lighter without the rust.

  7. wow that looks so ratty yet so dialled at the same time. haha! bodge looking cutouts but i love it all the same! :)

  8. I concur on his smooth motherfucker claim.

  9. light bike and big muscles enjoyed this interview a lot ,one of the best.

  10. that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, you are one lucky man, i ahve wife and kids too, but no bike,